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Ambassador:   ceremonial status bestowed by denizens of the Eagle Insider message boards upon posters from other schools showing sufficient RESPECK and mental dexterity to be awarded with the highest posting honor on the Interwebs
The Security Council (ACC ambassadors only):

Mezmrin - Clemson Ambassador
Whitechapel - NCSU Ambassador
ShadowSpawne - UNC Ambassador
electricmetal5 - FSU Ambassador
rickterp - Maryland Ambassador
FieldHallJacket - GT Ambassador
RustyUM98 - Miami Ambassador

The General Assembly:

PirateGator62 - ECU Ambassador
VandalPride97 - Idaho Ambassador
- UConn Ambassador
randyrhodes - Demands Respect (BAMA! Ambassador, sort of)
MagnoliaLeague - Vandy Ambassador

Allen Ray: Pirate-guard who played for Villanova. Some argue that he's a guard-pirate, but he is clearly a pirate-guard because he was a guard who made a decision to be pirate later in his college career and not a pirate who liked to play basketball. Had a parrot on his shoulder that talked smack and imitated the voice of Coach Handsome late in overtime, telling **** ******** to guard the inbounder when he should have been under the basket. I hate that fxcking parrot.

Angry Chicken: nothing short of the finest logo in all of college sports.  Frequently seen in white on a white hat on top of the noggin of Toby, whilst carefully plotting strategy for picking blades of Field Turf during games.

asscancer:  a very painful way to perish, but since it has the word "ass" in it, an effective method of wishing harm on ones acquantiences that inspire less than stellar feelings.

: 1) a synonym for RESPECK. 2) Football powerhouse that demands much RESPECK for their 12 national championships, 21 SEC titles, more bowl wins and more 10-win seasons than any team in the history of the game so just think about that and tell me what you think.

BASQUEERITOS: Boise State Fans who live in a "Jed Clampett Hillbilly Fantasy" world, who have a blue clownsuit for a field field, and think Boise is a great palce to live as compared to NYC or Boston, and like having the Unabomber as a neighbor and varmits on your back porch is like civilization.

Yeah, those threats against the RB and the Cheerleader were from the Boise white guys pissed off since they only screw small sheep at the ELKS Lodge contingent.

Then they come here since BC--- was the last team to whup them, we let up at halftime and gave them some respect after they called Kiwi -- Kiwicongo, not say KiwiNothing or something close, as a definite racist slur, and then come to our house and say we are racists?

BC:  The Greatest University in the World

BC Guy:  A BC Guy is a true man's man who demands excellence in every facet of life, including, but absolutely not limited to, football and academics.  He makes no excuses, and always maintains a go-getter, kick-ass and take names attitude toward everything he does.  BC Guys are irresistably charming and good looking.  "Ever to Excel" is their moto, and they always stay true to God, the United States of America, and Boston College.  For examples of BC Guys, see: Flutie, Doug/ Jagodzinski, Jeff / Bicknell, Jack /  Leahy, Father / Coughlin, Tom / Kiwanuka, Mathias / Haden, Josh / O'Rourke, Charles / etc. For examples of anti-BC Guys, see: O'Brien, Tobias / scrush / any wearer of jorts (see below) / Dienhart, Tom / Blumenthal, Richard / etc.

Bible, Dana:  Offensive coordinator for Boston College during Thomas P. O'Brien's tenure.  Known for his creative and innovative offensive schemes and ability to adjust gameplan.  Most notable plays include:  dive left, dive right, dive center earning him the nickname "Deep Sea Dana".  Also known for his calling of the swing pass to the rb for 2 yards on 3rd and 8.  Has trouble reading and flipping pages so tries to keep playsheet to no more than one half of a standard 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper or 3 index cards.  Tries to demoralize opponents by running the exact play the defense knows he is going to run (because he has been using the same play all game) and executing it to perfection for a 40 yard gain.  Often confuses defenses by utilizing multiple looks and changing up plays.  Likes: to get lots of yards and punt because field position and statistics win games.  Dislikes: to score points.

Big East Conference Champions -- title and accompanying trophy awarded to the Big East school with the best conference record in a given year.  Despite popular belief, there are no tie-breakers, therefore, the conference can have multiple champions.  While such co-championships are generally reviled in college football (see 1997 Michigan/Nebraska and 2003 LSU/USC controversies), such outcomes are celebrated in the Big East (see UConn, puppies).  Sharing the Big East Conference Championship does not diminish the significance of the championship, especially when championship in question was not recognized by the BCS selection comittee, would not have been awarded under traditional head-to-head tie-breaker rules and resulted in an invitation to a December bowl game.

Bjort:  The Biodegradable Jort.  Invented in the NC State Textile School.  The university's claim to fame.

Bowl King Man:  Thomas P. O'Brien.  Won 7 Bowl games in a row.  Including BCS and New Years Day bowls.  Aloha Bowl, Music City Bowl, Motor City Bowl (in beautiful Detroit), San Francisco Diamond Walnut Bowl, Continental Tire Bowl, MPC Computers Bowl, Meineke Car Care Bowl.  Without the Bowl King Man, BC will never win a bowl game again.

What BC fans refer to the Bowl Streak as

Bowl Streak: 
Those 7 glorious bowl games that BC has won a row.

Butthash - fumes from fermented feces and urine used to produce a hallucinogenic or euphoric effect through "huffing" or inhaling.  it is the only known mind altering substance that is cheaper and more effective than cisco, and is obviously utilized by tom deinart, espn's game day crew and other tobias sycophants/offspring prior to penning their news stories or speaking out in public.  also popular in south bend indiana

BYRDMAN: Louis Hinnant. 4 year starter who in the final 2 weeks of his career went from passive contributer to Gary Payton. Currently playing is Sweeden or something, but forever known as "He who dunked over McEurope

Clemson Board:  The Clemson Board knows all.  If you want to know what actually happened and days before anybody else then the Clemson Board is the place to be.  It doesn't even have to be sports related.  If you just need something answered, having a hard time making a decision, wondering if your wife is cheating on you....well then head on over to the Clemson Board.  If the Clemson Board says it, it will be so.  When Matt Ryan's ankle was injured in the win against the Central Michigan Chipewas (another dirty, dirty team), the Clemson board reported that Ryan would miss the entire season with a knee injury.  Ryan went on to have one of the finest seasons ever for Boston College QB. 

: The worst insult you can ever give to someone.  See Calhoun, James

Coach Handsome
: Al Skinner.

: Tiny little state between Boston and New York.  Everything you need to know about Connecticut can be determined from the idea that it's halfway between two places that mean something, and is consequently populated by overzealous small-minded halfwits desperately seeking some kind of identity.  There is none.  It's a tiny nowhere state full of people who are desperate to prove to someone, anyone that they're important, too.

Cookie Monster: Craig Smith

Crocs:  The cheapest form of birth control

Daniel Island:  Area of Charleston, South Carolina renowned for its prowess as a retirement and front-porch-sitting, peach-tea-sipping destination.  The future physical location of Rear Admiral Jortsy O'Ginger, Daniel Island has been his home in mind and spirit for many years.  Recruiting begins and ends at the Daniel Island home of Toby.  Recruits just cannot get enough of the easy lifestyle, including the one-paged playbook. 

(The) Delicious Wang:

1.  bcnh runs to the brighton moonbat blog with posts about how much those people stink.  he posts links to the nexus to SHOW THEM that he is not alone and many think that they stink

2. said moonbats follow the link and all heck breaks loose.  bcnh is one of the first to say "i'm outta here - i don't want any of this moonbat bidness to splash on me"

3.  24 hours later, the free board is closed and only subscribers are able to post and read the content of the nexus.

4.  several folks that did not see a point in paying 9.99/month to talk about monocles, obama and issues seek out another option.  other lame school's boards are taken over in attempts to recreate the nexus

5.  one of the topics that surfaced on the new pay board regarded a certain 4 local individuals that are not students, alumni or even supporters of boston college - i suddenly found 9.99 to be a bargain for the hilarity that encountered these posts.

6.  angrychicken (f/k/a tobsux) changed his avatar to a close-up of one of the 4 people alluded to above.  said individual wore sunglasses and stood in the toughest tough-guy stance that you have ever seen.

7.  your humble definer noted that angrychicken cropped this photograph in such a way that it accentuated the tough guy's private areas - hell, his weener was front and center in the photo.

8.  being one to let things slide, i allowed this photographic portrayal to fade into bolivian... never to be mentioned again

9.  3.28 seconds passed

10. i asked angrychicken why he chose that photo of the tough guy.  i offered two options... because he was tough and handsome and not at all fat OR because the photograph let any casual observer recognize that the man has a "delicious wang"

end of act 1 - the birth of the term "delicious wang"

11. 5th grade giggling ensued for approximately 23 days.  the term delicious wang was uttered more often than bryce post and his aliases talk about fornicating with fat and ugly girls.

12. many grew tired of the term "delicious wang"

13. i was not one of the many

14. angry chicken was not either

15. as the tearing down of the pay-board wall was awaited by many of the pay board subscribers (as a result of the anticipatory hints dropped by st. chevy - bless his heart), several recognized the dilemma we faced with the photo of angrychicken's much sought after delicious wang... we could not continue with it because it offered a weapon for the big 4... we could not get rid of it because "delicious wang" was still funny (to me and angrychicken, anyway).

16. in an unrelated turn of events (the significance of which parallel those of the assassination of archduke ferdinand) - another of the subscribing masses made an extraordinary request of st. chevy (bless his heart).  he did not like that fact that he was paying his way but was still just a common n00b.  he requested a different designation (which is not important at this time, although i think he asked to be assigned by his room number in walsh... the important part is the request).

17. st chevy granted this request without a second thought or question 

18. fascinated by the level of personalization, i quickly arrived at a solution to our tough guy problem.  angrychicken still flew his avatar of wangie goodness and i suggested to st. chevy that angrychicken retire his status of "jorts wearer" and graduate to "delicious wang."

19. recognizing genius in his presence, st. chevy snapped his fingers and it was so.

20. since that date, i refuse to refer to the poster formerly known as tobsux as "angrychicken" - he should be respected with the term wang, delicious wang, tdw or dw.

end of act 2 - the birth of the man "delicious wang"

epilogue - tdw admits to kissing a girl that kissed my weener, after said weener kissing had occurred.  therefore... well, you understand the transitive property.  said girl cannot vouch for the deliciousness of tdw's wang because she never approached it (either clothed or unclothed). 

Diamond Ears: Ryan Ohliger. Ryan Ohliger mugged for the cameras despite being the worst kicker in the world and chomped on his gum as an ESPN sideline reporter explained that Yoko Oh-no-liger was ineffective unless he was chewing the correct gum. He also wore diamond earrings around campus.  Was expelled from the team after kicking some kid in the face at The Kells.  It was the only kick that he ever connected on in his life. 

Disciplinarian: Someone who plays such a boring brand of football, that people incorrectly assume that a team is disciplined, no matter how many off-sides or personal foul penalties they receive.

Disgustiad:  The only word on earth whose definition is the same as it sounds.

Dodge Stratus
: The car driven by Will Farrell in the Sarah Michelle Gellar hosted episode of Saturday Night Live. Only people who can do 100 push ups in 2 minutes, people who assistant managers, and people can say that people are scared of them can drive a Dodge Stratus. Obviously, the Marine fits these criteria.  I... I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS!  This car was taken off the market the year Toby left BC.  Now Toby drives a Chrysler Sebring.

Eastern Clothing of Watertown: The key to Coach Handsome's handsomeness and "business casual" approach to road games. Mock turtlenecks forever, suits never.

: Hen fruit. Found in TOB's underpants after the customary loss to a lesser opponent or after losses when conference titles and BCS games are riding on the outcome. See WTF.

Engineering School
- Boston COLLEGE does not qualify as a university because it does not have an engineering school.  Since Boston University already stole the name, there is no point in BC adding an engineering school.  Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate Programs in Clowning and Carney Sciences have nothing to do with the classification of a school as a university (although many pontificate that these programs should lose points for a school).

fake cancer -

1.  bcnh runs to the brighton moonbat blog with posts about how much those people stink.  he posts links to the nexus to SHOW THEM that he is not alone and many think that they stink

2. said moonbats follow the link and all heck breaks loose.  bcnh is one of the first to say "i'm outta here - i don't want any of this moonbat bidness to splash on me"

3.  24 hours later, the free board is closed and only subscribers are able to post and read the content of the nexus.

4.  several folks that did not see a point in paying 9.99/month to talk about monocles, obama and issues seek out another option.  other lame school's boards are taken over in attempts to recreate the nexus

5.  bcnh and his pal phil "the king" brodie begin a new yuku board to try to establish what once was.

6.  a san francisco slap fight initiates between the members of yuku and the members of ei.  buc and radnor still hold grudges against each other.

7.  cooler heads prevail and chevy makes the subscribers vow to him to stay away from some of the more lawless posting and baiting of others.  i cancel my subscription because i cannot fathom such a life.

8.  many yuku members come back into the fold of the nexus.  more slap fights break out.  grande pierre announces that bcnh has no code and tells him to never post again.

9.  several months pass and people are starting to like each other again - only temporary flare ups between the yuku generation and the ei legacy.  snooptonydog is outed as phil brodie (and as a man-boy loving defender of pedophiles)

10. bcnh jumps back in with both feet and starts one day with a posting tear.  it is initially overlooked until someone calls out the elephant in the room and another slap fight breaks out.

11. bcnh reports that he has not been posting because he has been receiving chemotherapy and has been under a doctor's care.  bcnh admits to the masses that he is the ei messiah that saved this board.  if he did not go into a hospital with a stone rolled in front of the door to three days arise from the effects of chemo - our sins would not have been forgiven.  several are moved to forgive and forget and let bygones be bygones

12. pedro is not one of these people

13. more days pass until pete can't take it anymore.  he calls down the thunder and asks bcnh why has has been able to post on other political boards but yet not the ei board while under a doctor's care.  bcnh does not initially answer the question.

14. several begin to refer to bcnh's affliction as "fake cancer"

15. bcnh puts pete and the delicious wang on ignore.  i quote their posts as often as possible because i love trouble.

16.  radnor reveals himself as carterfinleyhitsquad.  buc admits that he wants to greet him in a california way.  bcnh accuses convict of faking a move to california.  this accusation does not thwart convict's love for radnor.  convict begins to secretly root for the yankees

17.  the rev asks what the hell is going on

18.  tre types way more than anybody will ever read in explaining it

thee end

epilogue - tdw admits to kissing a girl that kissed my wiener.  therefore... well, you understand the transitive property

Field Position
: An aspect of the game that matters more than points scored or allowed.

Field Position Defense: Giving a 10 yard cushion on 3rd and 5. It forces the other team to run more plays and potentially "make more mistakes".

Ginger:  Person with pasty white skin, red hair, and red freckles.  These people do not have souls.  See: O'Brien, Thomas

tobfamily.jpg picture by angrychicken1

Graduation Rate
- The only effective measure of a head coach's successIt only has to do with the Head Coach.  Athletic Directors are never involved.

Handsomeness - One of the two most important qualities a player can possess.  A good coach can recognize athletic ability and skills applicable to the player position, and utilize this in determining what player should start ahead of another player.  A GREAT coach recognizes that abilities and efforts are nice, but handsomeness comes first!

Hawaii Rainbows:  a dirty, cheap program that is close to the NCAA death penalty.  Known for a coach that drives very well drunk.  See also New Mexico State Aggies and any program from the WAC, and Central Michigan Chippewas.

HomohumpathonThe now cancelled Homosexual Valentine's Day "mixer" dance at hallowed Lyon's Hall, where my class built the cool Rathskeller.  Disgustiad!

         First of all I loved the Lyons Rathskeller. I got lots of prime USDA BC pussie there. The Rathskeller was great!

         Lyons had classes, food and poker and pussie and beer.

         There is no way on earth a Christian school should sponser a dance so homosexuals can meet and sneak up into the upper classrooms and desecrate the old 74 lucky grounds and stomping areas with leap frog without the leaping, ergo a homohumpathon.

         This is a major violation.

         Besides, guys dancing with guys and grinding each other's junk, swapping spit, and all that dance humping is disgustiad to the max. ECHHHH!!! 

         The effeminate talk, and use of "What a bitch", is a true puke job.

         You get one of these guys a 14 & 98 pussie twat and boob sandwich and start having them get a regular girl humpee, badda bing, no more homos.

         Same with the great looking leszbos on Showtime.

         If 74 laid his big pipe on the hot ***** ones, badda bing, no more Showtime Cancun for the these ho's. Girls at least have taters and no hanging meat so watching them is still a no-no, but a sneak peek and you always pop a woodie.
         No no guys humping in Lyons, or girls munching turf.

         This is BC. this is a guy meets girl named Colleen/Meagan/Patricia/Sheila --34.32% of all BC coeds and badda bing, love is in the air. 

         BC needs to disband the GLBTQA, exept for the really hot asian babes whereas I am not as intolerant as you think, and will allow hot asisan girls to dance together.

         The Homohumpathan is for public schools since BC has very few  queeroids.

        - 74

Tom O'Brien's excuse for every single loss, even losses occurring in the middle of November.

Jags:  The new football coach at BC.  A BC Guy.  Ballsy.  Unafraid.  Sells the School.  A true innovator.  Former NFL coach at Atlanta and Green Buy.    See also:  Hope, Messiah

Jersey Chasers: Freshman girls who dress up for the games and give 74 a heart attack.

Mad love for #56, seen all the way to the right in this one.


Jonathan Nottingham: 25 year old Clay, WV native most famous for being the WVU fan that posted a link to his myspace page. After being the lone member of WV's 2000 HS graduating class to be rejected by WVU, young Jonathan went to Glenville State College and graduated in just 5 1/2 short years. He nows works as a mining safety technician, traveling deep into the mines to see if it's safe for the canaries. He enjoys Nickelback and any movie with Adam Sandler.

Jean shorts.  May be regular jeans that the wearer has cut to shorts length, or pre-made jean-shorts bought directly from the rack.  Favorite attire of and a symbol of university pride for NC State fans.  The wildly pro-jort atmosphere at NC State was the primary motivating factor in the decision of Tom O'Brien, an avid jorts wearer, to leave Boston, an atmosphere hostile to jort-wearer rights, for NC State (see: Rolly Clown College).

Jumbo Elliott - Father to upwards of half of the college football players today... and the numbers are just getting larger.

Karim El Applegate: A nickname bestowed on Ross Applegate, an abhorred QB recruit from the 2006 class. Named after the imfamous Karim El Nakoli.

Lane Stadium:  A magical mythical place.  It doesn't exist physically but is a state of mind.  There are two portals that lead to Lane one on the campus of VA Tech in Blacksburg Va and the other in the Back Yard at the Bad Dog Kennel.  Grown men have been known to rip out thier ear drums and piss there pants at the sight of 120,000,000 adults jingling their keys and listening to Enter Sandman(who they stole from Rivera)  No one has ever defeated the Hokies at Lane Stadium if they did they would be pecked to death by the dreaded turkeys.  It is blasphmey to speak wrongly of the Lane.  You will be struck down by lighting and never heard from again.  Was Bitch Slapped BY MATT RYAN WITH LESS THAN SIX MINUTES IN THE GAME ON 10-25-07

Leeman Bennett:  Former NFL coach (50-69 lifetime record), RV salesman (3-time Salesman of the Month Runner-Up), and current forked tongue chairman of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl selection committee.  As southern as they come - born and raised in Kentucky, a UK grad (hence the RV-selling career), he nick-named his Atlanta Falcons defense the "Grits Blitz."  In 2007, acknowledged in his blog that Boston College had earned an invitation to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl on the field, but did not end up giving them the nod because he was "leery" of BC fans not showing up for the game and/or killing the atmosphere, even though he had already settled on Auburn, an SEC power whose campus is a 2 hour drive from Atlanta, as the opponent.  Clearly, his decision had nothing to do with not wanting a bunch of Yankees at his bowl.  Can often be seen stumbling out of the local Waffle House at 2:00am after wolfing down five $1.49 salisbury steaks, flask in hand, shouting, "Is you is or is you ain't my constituency?? I SAID IS YOU IS or IS YOU AIN'T my CON-STI-TU-EN-CY???"

Lurker:  A fan of another school who is seemingly always logged onto EI, but rarely, if ever, posts.  While most lurkers are loser fans of NBE "schools," past lurkers have included Rainbow Warriors, Mormons and Friars.

: Notre Dame football fans, who wait anxiously in the pumpkin patch on an annual basis in fall, awaiting the arrival of the "Return to Glory."

Lotus Pose:  Known also as Padmasana.  Widely believed to be the most crucial ability any athlete can have, the lotus pose has eclipsed weight lifting in most college football training rooms.

Maine:  A quarterback Mecca.  See Porter, Quinton; Quintina. 

Mathias Kiwanuka (aka Kiwi) - an incredible Boston College athlete.  Most likely to appear on a motivational poster for Perseverance, as his success has come in spite of the rarely mentioned fact that he is the grandson of an assassinated former-President of Africa.  Current Linebacker for New York Giants. #97

Matty Ice:  Matt Ryan.  The best quarterback in NCAA football.  A prototypical BC Guy.  Man of Steel.  Was ACC's Offensive Player of Year despite playing the entire season with a bad ankle.  Rysman for Heisman in 2007.  A surefire First Round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. 

MERRYMEN:  A band of (mostly) middle aged men bound together by their slavish hero worship and endless defense of Tobias, Pick Six Porter and Mrs. Karim El Applegate, desire to return to the old days of playing Holy Cross, mantra of mediocrity and "We Are What We Are" motto.  The merrymen gathered online at their secret intarweb board on which they devised plans and schemes to oust young fans and alums who aspired to bigger and better from TOS.  The discovery of this site and their reprehensible behavior lead to the Great Migration of '05.  Also uncovered was evidence of rituals involving their young student mascot who wrote articles for TOS, tubs of margarine, the truffle shuffle and endless homoerotic activity.  A merryman can now be overheard claiming to never have liked Tobias, but will be recognized by the framed picture of him hanging from their cubicle wall.  A merryman will quickly sell out a BC GUY for a chance to take it in the two spot from any douchebag who actually hates BC.
Merrymen: to wit - sayso, greenarthur, eaglewings, marineagle.

Mez:  Clemson Ambassador.  Because he is always wearing sunglasses, he is the Bono of Eagle Insider, but considerably less annoying.

Nemo: see Bible, Dana

Orzo Ristorante: Delightful Italian restaurant with delicious locations in Saugus and North Andover.  A top advertiser for BC athletics.  Recommended by Ted Sarandis. 

Party Mansion/EC Club:
The Party Mansion, if you'll recall, entails NOTHING SEXUAL. Given the way known EC Club members fawn over NEP and EIR, I think there is something VERY SEXUAL involved in those meetings.

Pennington & Bailes:  Supplier of the finest toggery that money can buy.  Mel is the guy who will hook you up with slanted logo pants. 

Pick-Six (see also, Pick-Six Porter): A quarterback from the state of Maine who was both handsome and tough.  Earned the starting position over future BC legends Matty Ice and Paul Peterson because of his seniority (despite being 5 years Peterson's junior), his handsomeness, his toughness and his ability to score points in bunches for the wrong team on the ground or through the air.  Holds the world record in the shuttle run and put on one heck of a rally against FSU before being sidelined with an unfortunate injury (his 14 points for FSU in the first 2 minutes notwithstanding).  Broke Tobias's record for throwing the most players under the bus in one post-game press conference.

Pie Charts
: Dorien Bryant. Dorien Bryant went to Avon Old Farms to prep and come to BC, but decided that he'd be better at Purdue. The reason? He was shown pie charts of how he would be used, and was convinced by them.

Pink Sock - A trait possessed by a select group of BC co-eds who have had interactions with handsome quarterbacks and usually accompanied by the skidmarks caused by a quick exit.  (See Quintina)

Polo Hat
: The nickname given to Barry Gallup Jr. AKA LadyBoy. Major league twat from Belmont Hill who decided to go to ND despite not being good enough to play there.

"Play not to lose":  Tom O'Brien's coaching philosophy

"Prevent Offense"
Ingenious offensive gameplan developed by offensive visionaries Tom O'Brien and "Deep Sea" Dana Bible over the course of the past 10 years.  Key principles of the prevent offense include sending the running back straight up the gut and into the defensive line roughly 10 times in a row, never for a gain of more than 2 yards, and never attempting a pass of over 4 yards.  Under no circumstances may the offense run more than 3 different plays during the course of a season.

uconn fans

:  See Toby, Bible, Dana.  Frank Spaziaini could also be a member but he is omitted for the time being. 

Quintina: Derived from Quinton Porter's first name, Quintina is anyone who is a ginormous poon or someone who fumbles a lot. Also includes anyone who plays based purely on seniority. Examples include, but are not limited to, Quintina Porter and Quintina Whitworth.

:  Rolly Clown Colledge. 
A top 5 business school and one of the 3 best schools in the ACC.  The best school in the state of North Carolina.  You cannot go wrong with Carney Carnival School or the Textiles school.  Fans like to urinate in the stands.  They also like to wear jorts.  Can be found on weekends in Above Ground Pools.  Athletic Director=Lee Fowler=Biggest Sucker in America.  See Also:  North Carolina State University.

RESPECK: something that is demanded, not earned.   RESPECK is demanded by alumni of any school that has 12 national championships, 21 SEC titles, more bowl wins and more 10-win seasons than any team in the history of the game so, in the words of BAMA! Ambassador randyrhodes, "just think about that and tell me what you think."

RutgersAl: An alternate universe randyrhodes. Demands respect for a team that has more rapists, retards, illegitimate children and venereal diseases than Nat'l championships, SEC titles, Heisman winners and 10 win seasons. Although he has yet to convince anyone to respect Rutgers, he has become one of the most respected members of the Scout and Rivals networks. He predicts that Rutgers will go 14-0 this year and defeat USC 62-0 in the Sugar Bowl.

SBCC: South Bend Community College.  That other Catholic school in the cornfields of Indiana.  Also known as the Notre Dame Surrendering French.  After multiple beatdowns, national championship runs destroyed, and dreams crushed at the hands of Boston College (See here for one of many, many examples), SBCC surrended to BC, ending the series, and opting to play teams that they can beat, such as San Jose State and Rutgers.  SBCC is led by Charlie Weis, a master of Xs and Os, innovative offense, bbq baby-back ribs, and Popeye's Po' Boy hoagies.

scrush:  An EI poster that is most likely tobias o'ginjorts or a member of his esteemed, dodge stratus driving family.  known for his questions that defy logic and common sense, and his statements that cut completely against the proliferation of all things boston college football.  also known for typing in a poetic style not taught at most institutions of learning (see scrushku).  Most likely an RCC alum. 

Scrushku:  Typing without punctuation or grammar started by a toby appoligist and likely graduate of rcc

:  Also another TOB coaching strategy. One of the two most important qualities a player can possess, and probably ranked slightly ahead of handsomeness.  Although seniority may effectively show that a player has sucked at his position for longer than another player, his longer term with the program affords him the opportunity to suck at the position until he is injured or graduates (or loses his handsomeness.   See Matt Ryan/Quinton Porter for prime example. 

Sid Vicious
:  Steve Aponavicius, kicker extraordinaire and American hero.  Went from a fan in the stands to dismantling Virginia Tech in a matter of weeks.  A much better story than Notre Dame's Rudy.

Snakes on a Plane: inspiration and mantra of 2005-2006 BC basketball

Sitzpinkler:  In German, the phrase for someone who sits and urinates, a "Sitzpinkler", is equivalent to "wimp."  Tom O'Brien, Dana Bible, scrush, Tom Dienhart, Richard Blumenthal, etc., are all definitely sitzpinklers.

Stretching: The foundation of any good athlete, no matter how skinny and weak they may be.

Supply officer: Butterbar military man who's not good enough for a real posting, but unfortunately attended the Academy, and therefore must be assigned somewhere, to do something he can't screw up too terribly.  There are always pencils, coffee filters, and hole punches at the front lines!  See Also:  Toby

Swing Pass: Tom O'Brien's idea of a "vertical offense;" The ideal play for third-and-long situations.  Thrown to a speedy RB such as L.V. Whitworth. Miami 2006.

Typical Redneck, Chicken Fried Nation, lying, cheating, underhanded way of dealing with a great University on the Atlantic Coast, Yankees or anyone born above the Potomac.

This allows any present or future ACC Commissioner, referee, replay official  to schmooze, cajole, backslap, and then as soon as you leave fall laughing on the floor that they gave you the two-step and screwed you.

Their word is pure diarrhea. "We'll try our best"---- is code for I am goona fxck you like a midget llama.

See Boise, Meineke and Chumps Bowl.

"When your hear, "Well its like this a GENE-O...just bend over and smile, you're fxcked!

Worse than waterboarding since you are BC Guys and upright people.

The French: 1) The Washington Generals of Europe. 2) Notre Dame's football team.

The Great Pumpkin: The long awaited return of the Notre Dame "Return to Glory."  See "Myths".
ThriceTyrese Rice.  Sniper from beyond the arc.

THUG: Anyone wearing a BC jersey who makes sounds, gestures, or displays any form of emotion while competing.  Such includes jersey-popping or lifting arms up into the air.  Tattoos are usually a staple of the thug (Sean Marshall) but are not always required (Jared Dudley). Being a minority helps one achieve 'thug' status. However, anyone who goes to Duke is not a thug. To clarify, Jared Dudley and Sean Marshall = THUGS, Gerald Henderson Jr. and JJ Redick = tough competitors.

Where every football fan knew within 1,000 miles who was getting the ball and running behind our 2 draft offensive line choices and a piece to the NCSU Hail Mary's loss puzzle where Brian was tackled before he got the ball eschewing a straight on 43 yard FG.

:  A coach who did not win a conference title in 10 years at BC.  Despite never winning a conference championship, he put BC football on the map.   He saved BC from the depths of a gambling scandal.  Rebuilder.  Program Innovator.  Never afraid to sell recruits a school located in a Pro Town.  See also:   TOBlunders0-10, Jortsy O'Jortsihan, Ginger, Tobias, Disciplinarian, Marine, Supply Officer.  

TOB's mistress: The girl who carries the headset wires for him.  The most important job in the world because TOB always uses his headset. 

TOS: The Other Site, rivals.com.  Where the Merrymen congregate. 

Tranghese: Infamous Providence-based 400lb buffet raider.  Was once supposedly tossed out of the Excalibur! casino in Las Vegas for slipping whole slices of prime rib into his suit pockets.  Used to shop at big and tall - about seventeen years ago.  Now just uses personal tailors.  Opposed BC and Miami leaving the Big East because the addition of steamed lobster, clam chowder, and Cuban masitas de puerco to the ACC's rock solid lineup of barbecue, crabcakes, and southern cuisine would create an unstoppable buffet machine, leaving his conference buffets with only EZ Cheese, possum roadkill, and Jersey Mike's pork roll.

Twatwaffle:   A derogatory term pioneered by an EI member

“The Velvet Italian Tranquillizer”
A BCEagle74 Special Recipe!
2 oz VOP Brandy (Very Old Person)
2 oz Geritol (Secret Ingredient)
2 oz Harvey Bristol Cream (Sweet Dreams)
3 oz Amaretto (Italian Themed Coaching Staff)
8 oz Expresso (GDF’s Favorite Decision Model)
3/8 oz bitters(For diehard BC Guys stunned over the process)
2 tsp sugar (Ok, I am a pussie)

Violation of Team Rules: Players are often suspended from TOB's teams because of unspecified "violations of team rules". Despite what many believe, these violations only apply to elite players before important games. William Green was suspended for a "violation of team rules" for going to a funeral before the Miami game. This is not allowed. However, backup Defensive Linemen are allowed to skip DUI court dates to sit on the sidelines in Boise.

"Well, we're up, aren't we?":  One-sentence crystallization of Tom O'Brien's coaching philosophy and abilities, spoken by the Supply Officer himself in response to a sideline reporter's "What adjustments do you anticipate for the second half?"  Any person speaking this sentence puts forth a powerful image of competence, ambition and fighting spirit.

Whalepants: 1) a designation indicating the so-called "wine and cheese" crowd of BC fans.  Generally recognized by their use of walkers for ambulation and a propensity for yelling "DOWN IN FRONT" during key moments of games.  Despite generally being wealthy, whalepants are religiously opposed to donor-based seating and playing D-1 teams, preferring to huddle under blankets whilst playing fine football institutions of yesteryear in the dust bowl (see Cross, Holy).  2) a prodigious poster on the EI Interwebs, known for espousing the views of set forth in section 1, above.  3) a fine example of quality toggery, earned upon recognition as a "BC Guy", often seen sporting the angry chicken logo.

WAC- Western Athletic Conference, a conference full of dirty programs with scumbag fans. The entire conference deserves the NCAA death penalty for countless infractions and crimes against nature.

Winningest coach in Boston College history:  this should be measured based upon pure volume as opposed to quality.  The quantities of wins against storied programs such as Temple, Buffalo, the United States Military and Naval Academies, Northeastern, Maine, etc. mean more than a win against a #1 ranked Notre Dame team, a Cotton Bowl victory, or even a win against Miami.

WTF loss:  A loss to a clearly inferior team, often destroying BC's chance at a league championship (see Syracuse & Wake Forest 2004, UNC 2005, NC State 2006).  An annual event under the TOB regime usually resulting from the "we're up, aren't we?" and "playing not to lose" mentality.  Many of the losses were the result of the humidity, an airplane or the players; it was never the fault of the coaches.

Wuffies:  RCC Fans.  They love to urinate in stands.

**** ********:  former Boston College center and 17th pick in the 2007 NBA draft.  Plays for the New Jersey Nets.

Yoko Ohno Ohlinger:  Wide right, Wide left, Short...then kick me in the face.



Posted: 3/31/2007 12:18 AM

BC Fans i have a\oenee thing to ysa Post Rating (3 votes)

Guys i am rrsy for comnig and causing problems, however i ahd a reason but now i feel dumb.. so ear me out then say what you want. Ok a BC fan came onto the 'cUSE site after slection seundayy saying this and that and obviously that was very inappropriate after what had jsut happened, then a BC fan went onto the tgown site i read talking smakc, at that point i was tihknig dman im still mad aobut what this fan said on slection sunday.... then i was on cuconn site and read moree and got mad and ecided i'd let everyone no some facts, whoch i did and the thing is i aculttaly respect your program but was just mad over baiscally this 1 single fan who had thnigs to say on sunday selctionn and thats why i came here and ummm said some garbage nonesnee. well really anyting i said i likely do not even mean, first of all I RESPECT AL SKINNER and tink he does a magnificent job or that whoever does your recruitng does one lhel of a bjo because lets be honest you dnt walys get the most highly touted plaeyrs but have been winning, so someone is doing a great job. and thats bacially it i was taking out my frustareions w// 1 fan on all oyu guys nad i know this fan posts here but ofrget his name,so sorry. and time for bed b4 i fall overrrr. srry again felllas.



This is "The man, the myth, the legend!!!" ...now buy him a corona!!!